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Hey, whats up Gamers! I just happened to get hold of a friend of mine this morning. Wolf Waterflame had a problem with his game crashing, and when he logged back on, it brought him to this new glitch area. I have never seen this particular one in all my years of play, and thought the rest of you might like to see it as well. Come on in and check it out 🙂

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  1. Ada Greenfield says:

    I had a party here 2day

  2. madison corkins says:

    If you don't mind me asking how did you get up there I really want to but I don't know how to if you could tell me that would help, thanks.

  3. lily Jokinen says:

    i went there too

  4. Toon Gamer says:

    hey I found a bunch of people out there today and they wouldn't friend me to get there but I took a screen shot if you want me to send it to you

  5. Cameron Senger says:

    My friend showed me this glitch, I think in the beginning of Febuary

  6. E Life says:

    I realized how epic your character looks what's that wand?

  7. Jorge Valles says:

    Did you lnow you can mark the area? Thats what i did

  8. Brad Guenther says:

    i saw it before this video ya its been out for a while it came out in 2015 or late 2014

  9. I haz Something says:

    Thanks for the glitch!!! Also im sorry your sick 🙁

  10. Hockey Boy says:

    Yeah it just randomly happens once i went to teleport to a friend in the commons and i randomly popped up there and seen people up there for about a month now

  11. LooMiNess says:

    you guys know minecraft skyblock well here it is in wizard101 XD

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