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Wizard101 Gardening: The Ultra Seed Reward Drops Guide Part 1


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PLEASE NOTE: In the brief area where it is difficult to hear me due to the loud nature of the plants, I am just reading off the list you see on your screen, as to what dropped. I will mute the plants entirely in the second part of this video. I have wondered since these new seeds came out, what the actual extra rewards are supposed to be. Especially in the case of the Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, which shows HUGE rewards if the little gold icon that comes with the seeds is to be believed. So, I have taken three of each seed, except for the Ultra Baby Carrots, and grown them through time lapse, so we can all see what they are.
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Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a video about Wizard101 and so I’m back trying to get Waterworks Gear on my death, don’t ask why it’s a girl, it was made back in 2008. Anyway, I decided to solo these bosses to see if I could get my hood or boots, will I be succesful or will I fail in my quest of getting my gear? Find out by watching the video. The music is by Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine and the songs are;
Two Steps From Hell: United We Stand Divided We Fall, Icarus, Crack In Time, Dragon Rider, Realm Of Power, Magika, Final Frontier
Audiomachine: Ice Of Phoenix,
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  1. Potato Boy says:

    how did you get all of the ultra seeds? I need to know the drops are so good.

  2. IceySucks says:

    The glitch happened to me before, all you have to do is click the plant picture and then click on the plant itself and it will harvest, that way not only will the glitch be nullified but you know for sure which plant you're harvesting.

  3. GD NoName says:

    How can I get ultra seeds?

  4. Kimberly Lowman says:

    Can you please tell me where I can find rank 6 pest killer? I have Queen Crape Myrtle in the ground trying to grow but she being bombarded by Rhino Beetles. Please HELP!

  5. G Wallace says:

    Great stuff, thanks for the share.

  6. kat mojo says:

    I won 3 ultra plans so far.. One that is doing great is the Alligator tree that my level 100 storm has, its been harvested twice so far and I love the mega snacks and gold.. The other ones are 2 Ninja fig trees and I put them in last night on my death and fire girls.. Too early to see what they will give.. The ultra figs came from the Rattlebones dungeons..

  7. Anna Laws says:

    Love the video but the background noise is to loud.

  8. Angel Eisbrise says:

    I dropped two pierce jewels while watching your Video you brought me good luck! thanks 😀

  9. Luke C says:

    They drop mega snacks at each harvest

  10. Mr. Duck says:


  11. GiraffleLaffle -Art- says:

    Who else has skelofever?

  12. Razer Cms says:

    Wow you invest a lot of time into these vids skele

  13. TheCockroachMan says:

    Gratz on 4k

  14. Ulquiorra Schiffer says:

    what dungeon drops the tiger lilly

  15. Caroline Willowsong says:

    Very informative 🙂

  16. MrEpic7203 says:

    Please don't speed up the video…. I can't watch it.

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