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  1. Ceramic Ice says:

    Thanks. Still useful in 2017

  2. Sarah Czarnecki says:

    whats the name of the song…i completely forgot what its called and it is gonna bother me I:

  3. Jenny Armstrong says:

    Havent heard that song in a while. lol

  4. Jauhara Sanders says:

    omg, and i just did malistaire yesterday….. omfg, that hurts………….

  5. teion069 says:

    i like your videos man since you make them short.subcribed:)

  6. Eric Walt says:

    Good video what is this song called?

  7. dylan cowan says:

    Thank you! I needed that! Maybe all the world's stuff like books and what not

  8. Aloha Panda says:

    lol i was raging at the confusing dragon roost part when it so happens i went to the wrong side but i was still raging so i went to cry in the corner and i found myself the stone rose xD True Story! 🙂

  9. Aloha Panda says:

    where did you get your boss hood? and whats the name and where you get it?
    please respond!

  10. uberhaxernovarules says:

    thanks man

  11. Joe Emerald says:

    thanks for it!! :DDD

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