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Wizard101: Co-op Walkthrough | “DARKMOOR” Ep 126


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Thanks for watching! Today we complete the entire dungeon of Darkmoor! Leave a like if you enjoyed! It is always appreciated! Follow my twitter down below to stay updated!

My twitter: https://twitter.com/Zenmaster_Blue
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  1. Brieana Smith says:

    i play now

  2. Lynaire Pearse says:

    I LOVED when Malistare and Sylvia went through the painting. It was a wonderful ending to such a cool first villain.

  3. Pet Mez says:

    Finally. the ending Malistare truly deserved….. 50 levels past the one KI should have left him alone with. XD

  4. Lyndon Downes says:

    you should change your gear colour

  5. Hannah Nigrin says:

    I am a huge fan would it be weird if I got your friend code?

  6. Pancake says:

    Hi blue! I've been playing wiz since celestia, so I'm pretty much old

  7. Isaiah Hunter says:

    Wizard101 needs a private sever so I can finally make it into firecat Ally ?

  8. Cooking with Lora says:

    Great video ya'll. Sorry its not from my Ice wizards youtube account.

  9. Christian Abreu says:

    Blue can you fix your playlist on the ice walk

  10. ArchAngel Gaming says:

    Blue I'm done. I went through that dungeon so many times and I still have yet to get the robe. I'm so jelly right now.

  11. Alright says:

    blue you legit give me hope in this game when the hardest bosses make me lose my confidence thank you

  12. Winston Li says:


  13. ᅚᅚ says:

    I was born in January.

  14. alyshia Cook says:

    I hope finals goes well for you! What's your major? I'm a instrumental music education major.

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