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a video about wizard 101 tricks might help for ya who get tired looking for a card and have to discard it and in this episode i will show you how easily is to look for a card please subscribe comment and like

Wizard101- Nice Little Furniture Trick! (HD)

A little furniture trick I found while snooping around with Rugs and Mounts 😛
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  1. stapledread497 says:

    *face nuke*

  2. stapledread497 says:

    *face desk*

  3. stapledread497 says:

    *face desk

  4. Anirban Saha says:

    Flint my name is brian shadowbringer and im level 68 today ill be in zafaria ok

  5. SuperMysticAlchemist says:

    u should add me lolz Myrna Dragonsong lvl 53 Sorcerer 😀

  6. chance008able says:

    me gusta 😀

  7. Jaehyung Lee says:

    nice vid

  8. Jin Hoe Lim says:

    @MarkThunderthorn Lets just hope no one sees it! 😀

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